Getting Started with CrossVcl

Thank you for downloading CrossVcl. This guide will help you get started with CrossVcl.


CrossVcl is a toolchain that permits the development macOS application using Embarcadero OSX compiler and VCL.

Conceptually, CrossVcl is a combination of two major components:


CrossVcl requires Embarcadero Delphi with macOS development add-on. It works with all Delphi versions since Seattle.

Installing CrossVcl

Launch setup program and follow instructions. If setup completed without any error, CrossVcl installed. You can launch Delphi now.

Work with CrossVcl

Create or open VCL project and right click on Project in Project Inspector.

Click on Add macOS platform item

That's it. Now you can switch platform to OSX32 and run your app.


CrossVcl on early stage of development. Right now not all standard components are working with CrossVcl, we are working on it.

Please do not create bug-report if you can't compile or launch big Vcl projects or any third-party controls at this stage.

We posted few videos and screenshots of our internal work with third-party components. Right now it is only internal works. Feel free to try it, but it requires little modification of third-party components. We are working on avoiding or reducing such kind of modification.

We have no plan to implement whole WinAPI, the main goal for 1.0 is making basic VCL apps runing ok. For some Windows specific API like networking, ActiveX, DirectX etc you should use cross-platform solutions.


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